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Windows of Worship and Dexter Press staffers are many and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Even so we all understand our common goal comes to us from Matthew 2816-20 where we are all called to Go ye therefore and teach all nations... We see it as our calling to partner with churches like yours as we all work together to fulfill this great commission which has been laid before us. It is our prayer that the products and services we provide will help to expand the Kingdom of God as you reach out to many through worship. Did you know Our weekly bulletins cost 40 less than stock or special occasion bulletins 15E1 November 29 1 Corinthians 19 15E2 December 6 2 Peter 314 15E3 December 13 John 123 15E4 December 20 Luke 128 15E5 December 27 Isaiah 6110 15E6 January 3 Jeremiah 3110 15E7 January 10 Mark 111 15E8 January 17 John 150 15E9 January 24 Mark 118 15E10 January 31 1 Corinthians 83 15E11 February 7 Isaiah 4028 15E12 February 14 Mark 92 15E13 February 21 Genisis 911 Top 5 Reasons O U R C U S T O M E R S C H O O S E D E S I G N S I N W O R S H I P Service and delivery are so dependable When I call there is always a live person on the phone who is knowledgeable and friendly. This service is much more cost effective than stock bulletins or creating and printing bulletins ourselves. Its so simple. We subscribe and thats it. I dont have to go through the stress of selecting designs each week. The designs and images are BEAUTIFUL Our congregation loves them 15F1 February 28 Psalm 2226 15F2 March 6 Exodus 208 15F3 March 13 John 316 15F4 March 20 Hebrews 578 15F5 March 27 Philippians 210 15F6 April 3 Mark 1667 15F7 April 10 John 2021 15F8 April 17 Luke 2447 15F9 April 24 Psalm 236 15F10 May 1 Acts 836 15F11 May 8 John 1510 15F12 May 15 John 1718 15F13 May 22 Ezekiel 3714 Your bulletins are designed by a team of artists who understand the important role bulletins play in helping to create an inspired Christ-centered worship experience. Our goal in product development is to ensure we are creating products that work with each weeks message to create a cohesive worship theme from beginning to end enhancing worship in an artistic and thoughtful way. Worship Experience A N I N S P I R E D C H R I S T - C E N T E R E D 15G1 May 29 Isaiah 63 15G2 June 5 Mark 335 15G3 June 12 Mark 429 15G4 June 19 2 Corinthians 62 15G5 June 26 Psalm 1307 15G6 July 3 2 Corinthians 129 15G7 July 10 Ephesians 17 15G8 July 17 Mark 631 15G9 July 24 John 620 15G10 July 31 Psalm 5112 15G11 August 7 John 635 15G12 August 14 John 654 15G13 August 21 Ephesians 610 They are a weekly message board that go home after worship A pictures worth 1000 words enhance your message each week with vibrant colorful images Bulletins help people stay involved they take them home to move event information to their personal calendars Space for note taking and can be reviewed throughout the week Feature the order of service The Beauty O F W O R S H I P B U L L E T I N S 15H1 August 28 James 119 15H2 September 4 Proverbs 229 15H3 September 11 Psalm 191 15H4 September 18 James 318 15H5 September 25 Mark 950 15H6 October 2 Hebrews 212 15H7 October 9 Amos 56 15H8 Ocotber 16 Psalm 1041 15H9 October 23 Job 425 15H10 October 30 Revelation 216 15H11 November 6 Hebrews 926 15H12 November 13 Hebrews 1023 15H13 November 20 John 1836 I love the dependability of your service. Any time Ive called with a question or change in service there has always been a friendly voice on the phone who is more than willing to help. On top of all that the designs are beautiful and bright. - PAUL FROM CHELSEA MASSACHUSETTS ExcellenceI N C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E FORMAT OPTIONS PRICE100 8 12 x 11 6.15 8 12 x 14 7.35 Bulletins are available in two sizes 8 12 x 11 and 8 12 x 14. Size Options You may begin your subscription on any quarter. Bulletins are sold in multiples of 25. Bulletins may be ordered on a subscription basis for 52 Sundays and are shipped to you quarterly. You will receive them at least four weeks prior to usage shipped in strong sturdy cartons unfolded and ready for imprinting. O R E M A I L U S AT F O R Q U E ST I O N S O R TO S U B S C R I B E call us TO L L - F R E E AT 1-866-563-2425 As a subscriber you are assured a steady supply of bulletins without constant checking or reordering and able to maintain a consistency of communication with your congregation. CancellationChange Policy We require a 75 business day notification prior to the first Sunday of the Quarter you wish to change or cancel your subscription. Options P R I C I N G